So, there’s a whole book of “oh no” comics.

Even if the name Alex Norris doesn’t ring a bell, if you have any sort of access to the internet, you’ve probably read some of his comics in the last few years. Since 2016, he has been the creator and illustrator of the now famous “oh no” comics, all of which have the same sad, disillusioned and disappointed catchphrase – and yes, people love to read them.

oh no
Oh no, from Webcomic Name, by Alex Norris

Now, the London-based comic artist is publishing a book made of 110 independent comics from his Webcomic Name series, featuring an easy-to-identify-with pink blob moving through life, one disappointment after another. The design of the comics is pretty simple, and the repetitive catchphrase could get old very quickly, but thanks to a good amount of self-awareness, it doesn’t, and manages to stay hilarious from start to finish.

Some of those panels are just plain fun (like someone’s complete failure at following a fancy recipe), and some are serious, tackling topics like the absence of motivation to do a task you really want to do, but… just can’t, or when you just want to be polite by asking “how are you” and the person you’re talking to actually answers seriously to that question – and if you’ve been in this situation, you know how much you wished you could simply say “oh no” out loud !

This is definitely a book I would recommend as a gift for the millennial you love the most in your life (or any millennial you know, really), and your friends, and yourself. It’s a short and funny read, that will leave you to contemplate the meaning of life, work, art, and where you should put a cat’s eyes and mouth when you draw them.

If you want to have some more fun, there is also a random oh no comic generator, that you can try here !

I received an ARC copy of this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review – it will be published in april, 2019.

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