Warming your winter : the things that made this year better

Hi again! Today’s day 4 of Bookending Winter 2020, and it’s hosted by the amazing Lauren and Becky @ Northern Plunder!

For those of you who haven’t heard about it yet, this is a quarterly book blogging event run by Clo and Sam, in which different bloggers host a couple of prompts each during a month (for #BEWinter, December). Anyone who wants to participate can register on the announcement post, and make 3 (or more) posts during the event.

You can check out the announcement post on Clo’s blog for the complete rules of the challenge, as well as the prompts for the whole month, and link up your posts on the challenge spreadsheet so others can find them easily!

Prompt Explanation : A lovely follow on from the previous prompt. Spend some time reflecting on those people in your life who’ve made this year better. Consider sharing some blog posts that really moved you, or talk about some memories you’ve made. Either way, just hype up some pals that might be in need of a pick me up.

Ooooh I love this prompt! I’ve realized recently that, even if I try to be a positive person in general, anxiety and stress keep preventing me from doing that as much as I’d like to. Spending some time to reflect on what made my year better is definitely a good practice for me!

Changing apartments

In May, I moved in with my partner into a slightly better apartment than the one we were in last year – we went from a 1-room basement apartment with yellowed light bulbs to a 3 1/2 in the middle of the biggest city in the province, on the ground floor, with a large window in the living room and a very-small-but-still-there courtyard shared with the neighbor.

Moving helped us a lot to cope with quarantine and not seeing much of anyone for the past… nine months, now, going on ten? It feels like an eternity, but I’m extremely thankful for the friend who sent us this opportunity for a better apartment, exactly at the right time for us.

Montreal – Photo by @matthiasmullie on Unsplash

Changing jobs

I also got two jobs in 2020, which were honestly two of the best things of my year – they helped me pay rent and afford this new place (new place, higher rent) and I managed to save a little to pay off one half of my student loans, which means I only have one government-registered student loan to worry about now. That’s excellent news for me, as I was super nervous about loan deadlines and having to constantly make sure they didn’t think I had stopped studying, and started asking for their money back – having only one loan to keep an eye on is much less stressful!

I hope extremely strongly that by the end of January, the city will be safe enough from covid again so that restaurants are able to reopen and I can get back to my current job, which I haven’t been going to since the middle of September when everything closed down again.

Blog-hopping more

After reading Kal’s post on how to use Feedly for blog-hopping, I migrated all my follows to Feedly and pinned it permanently to the window of my internet browser, and it’s helped me a lot to blog hop more consistently and not miss blog posts from the people I love reading content from! Here are 10 of my favorite blogs to read from lately :

I always appreciate seeing a new post from one of these blogs appear on my Feedly dashboard, so if you’re not following them yet, you should check out their awesome blog posts!

Photo by @craftedbygc on Unsplash

Practicing gratitude is something I’d love to add more into my daily life, and I’m thinking about making it a habit in 2021.

I’d also like to pick up journaling more regularly – now that I use Notion for all my planning needs, I’ve got a spare notebook I could use for some more “classic” journaling! It’s a bit intimidating, but I feel like giving it a try might help me discover something new that would be very beneficial for me, so I’m going to try to practice that over the next few weeks. (I don’t want to make it a New Year resolution, because holding on to these is a nightmare – it’s so much easier to just start now and try to form the habit when you’re actually motivated to do it!)

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What are some of your favorite blogs or content creators you’ve been following in 2020? Mention them in the comments so I can check out their platforms and give them a follow!

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