About the blogger

Hi, and welcome to my blog !

I’m Maude, a Canadian psychology student, and I love reading YA, fantasy, non-fiction and science-fiction. I mostly get my books at my local library, so I don’t usually have recent releases, but I might preorder some books once in a while, if I really can’t wait until the libraries have it (and if my budget allows me to do so, because – student budget).

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My blogging schedule is pretty erratic, but I’m trying to do better and plan my posts more regularly. English isn’t my first language, so if you see any mistakes in my posts, feel free to send me a comment and I’ll correct it !

All opinions expressed here are mine, as well as the uncredited photos used in the posts, with the exception of eBook covers, which are taken either from Goodreads, or directly from my version of the eBook. All credited photos belong to the person being credited.

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