Review policy

Status : Open to review requests

Thank you for considering me to review your book! You can reach out through the contact form on this page, and check out the information below for details on my review policy. For physical books, please note that I am an international reviewer living in Canada.

Contents of the reviews

Reviews for Advanced Reader Copies or post-publishing free copies of books include, but are not limited to :

  • My honest opinions on the story, the writing, the characters. In the case of a non-fiction book, my honest opinions on its content, put into the context of the book’s genre.
  • An image of the cover
  • The date of publication
  • The book synopsis – either the one submitted with your review request, or one available through the publisher’s website / author’s website / Goodreads.

Reviews are not guaranteed to be positive, but I do try to find good aspects to any work I’m interested enough to read and review.

I use a rating system similar to Goodreads’ star system :

  • 1 star – Didn’t like it
  • 2 stars – It was OK
  • 3 stars – Liked it
  • 4 stars – Really liked it
  • 5 stars – It was amazing

Publication details

In the case of an ARC, I will do my best to publish a review before the book’s publication date. In the case of finished copies of published books, the review will be posted in a timely manner, depending on how many review copies I have at the time.

Reviews are posted on my personal blog, and on Goodreads, as well as shared on twitter and Instagram.

Accepting review copies

My favorite genres are YA Fantasy, YA and adult Science-fiction (with a strong preference towards hard science-fiction and high-fantasy settings) and Non-fiction.

I accept physical and digital copies of books. For digital copies, I usually read on my phone or laptop as I don’t own a kindle : please be careful to send a format I’ll be able to read with either Adobe Digital Editions or OverDrive.

Sending me a review request does not guarantee that I will accept it : if the contents of the book don’t seem to fit what I like as a reader, I reserve the right to respectfully decline the request. If I have, for any reason, to DNF the review copy, I will not review the book. In that case, if I have the contact information of the person responsible for sending me the review copy, I will contact them to advise them of this.

Please note that I do not review any erotica, thrillers, horror.

You can submit your review request here.